Discussions & Help

There are a couple ways that interested developers can discuss and get connected to the project:

Orchard Forums

If you are looking for a general forum to discuss and ask questions about Orchard, please visit our forums:

Weekly meeting

The steering committee, and whoever wants to attend or show demos, meets every Tuesday at 12:00PM pacific time at http://orchardproject.net/meeting.

Orchard Newsletter

The Orchard newsletter is the primary way to stay in touch with announcements and the latest project status. 

Please follow this link to subscribe to our newsletter.

We have a mailing list for the steering committee activities: http://groups.google.com/group/orchard-gov. This list is where governance topics are discussed, and where new core features are decided on.


You can join us for a chat on Gitter. We are in the orchard room at https://gitter.im/OrchardCMS/Orchard


Orchard's Twitter handle is @OrchardCMS. Use the #OrchardCMS hashtag for Orchard-related tweets.


The Facebook page for the project can be found at https://www.facebook.com/orchardproject.


Local resources for Orchard can be found on the following sites: