How to Contribute

The Orchard Project is committed to open community participation. We encourage contributions of all sorts, including code submissions, documentation, translations, feature recommendations, general project feedback, and more. Here are some ways to give back to the project:

Modules - Orchard is built with modular extensibility in mind, and delivering a module that extends Orchard's built-in capabilities is one of the best ways to contribute to the project. You can vote on module ideas and then visit our documentation wiki to get started building a module. You can easily share the modules that you built using our gallery feed. Learn more...

Themes - Orchard introduces a powerful theme framework for customizing the look-and-feel of websites. We've included a great sample theme with Orchard that we hope will serve a a basis for lots of custom designs. Like modules, themes can be shared by submitting a package to our gallery feed.

Patches - For developers interested in contributing to the Orchard framework, we accept patches as pull requests from Mercurial forks. A good way to get started is to fix issues reported in our bug database.

Docs - If you've figured out a cool way to do something with Orchard, we encourage you to share what you've learned with the rest of our community. You can create an account on GitHub in order to submit new articles or make edits to existing articles.

Translations - Orchard can be localized to different languages by simply providing a text file of translations. We've set up a site for creating and sharing translation files.

Sites - Have you built a cool site using Orchard? We'd love to hear about it!