Orchard Indian Community Website moved to DotNest

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Hi, My name is Abhishek Luv. I am the community head of Orchard Project Indian Community. I have been running this website since May 2014 on Azure that comes with a BizSpark account.

I'm glad that I got the chance to utilize the $150 Azure credit in an efficient way by running this website on it.

I have utilized this site to make announcements for Orchard tutorials, blog posts and training.

As my Free Azure subscription is getting over, what can be the best option to host an Orchard community website than DotNest.

After a lot of thinking, I decided to host this community website as a tenant on DotNest.

Creating a tenant on DotNest is very easy. For more information, please watch my demonstration videos for DotNest.

Migration steps

1. Exporting Data from orchard

2. Importing Data to DotNest by enabling the Import/Export Module

3. Data imported successfully

4. Enable the Orchard Community Theme

4. Add Content using Layout Elements or Widgets

If you run a local Orchard community website or want to launch one there's some good news for you: A few days back DotNest announced to provide Tenants for Orchard Community heads with Orchard community theme and a Free custom domain usage.